Meet the Periscope Team

Meet The Periscope Team

These are the folks that deliver our course content and guide you through our programmes.

Dr. Danielle White
Director & Founder

Danielle is the founder and director Periscopes Programmes.  She has been codesigning career transition programmes for over 20 years. Working across the education system as a careers advisor, former academic and executive coach, clients have included heads of school at primary, secondary and university level; research staff; lecturers and PhDs at different stages.  Danielle is a self-taught entrepreneur who holds a keen interest in supporting people to better manage their career. Her PhD and teaching explored career decision making and agency through social mobility theory. This alongside the ILM 7 in Executive Coaching and mentoring has provided a platform for a range of short and longer career management programmes.

Rebecca Rayner
Business Support

Rebecca ensures the smooth running of bookings, programmes, and finance. She has worked in both the Private and Higher Education sector since 2002 and been in the latter for over 14 years. This has provided a wealth of experience from timetabling to Project and Finance Administration to Conferences and Personal Assistant Support. Rebecca has extensive experience of supporting Heads of Department, Project Managers and Finance Managers across the public and private sector.

Suzy Rennison

Suzy provides operations and support for our partners. She is a qualified project manager with 15 years’ work experience across the public, private, charity and University sectors. Suzy is experienced in supporting the development of students, graduates, and Early Career Researchers to progress in their careers. She is passionate about improving the quality and accessibility of academic and work programmes to enhance learning and development outcomes, and enable focus on equality and diversity.  

Rachel Valentine

Rachel facilitates and leads in the management of workshops and programmes. She is an executive coach, consultant, and facilitator with over 10 years’ experience of working in a Senior Learning and Development role in HE, supporting people to excel in their current role and prepare for their next. Using a collaborative approach, Rachel supports clients to rediscover their strengths and values and understand how they may be holding themselves back. Her focus is on inspiring and empowering greatness; challenging clients to stop ‘going through the motions’ and focus instead on practical tools and solutions that will enable the real and permanent changes they want to achieve.

Dr Rabia Arshad
PhD Resource & Community Engagement

Rabia supports resource development and community engagement. She is an alumna of the University of Salford and she has recently completed her research doctorate at the University of the West of Scotland, where she also worked as a peer-assisted learning leader and research assistant.  She is passionate about supporting PGRs during their doctoral journey and has strived to gain experience in researcher development by engaging her fellow researchers, and creating a peer support community of PGRs. As well as working for Periscope Programmes, Rabia is a Projects Coordinator for Learning and Teaching at a private higher education provider.

Cristina Fuentes Antoniazzi

Cristina facilitates workshops and programmes. She is an actor and communication consultant with over 15 years of experience designing and facilitating programmes with organizations and groups, helping them to manifest their communication potential.

Her doctoral research investigates how mindfulness practice helps to develop communication skills, enhancing clarity and presence. Cristina uses this cutting-edge approach to support her clients in communicating their messages confidently to the world. Clients have included academics, entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, athletes and performers in the UK and Chile.

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