Career Switchers and Entrepreneurs

Our work with Career Switchers and Entrepreneurs

We work more widely with people switching careers or entrepreneurs who would like to clarify their professional focus and create a strategy to transition into a new area of work or to set up or grow a business.

Our programmes, workshops and coaching are co-created with people like you, who are navigating the challenges of career transition and who have experienced many of the same challenges you are facing.

Route to Clarity

A 30 minute webinar with Q&A, most popular with career switchers who are transitioning out of a familiar role.

This session provides an overview of the career transition process. You will be guided through our three-part process that will enable you to explore, understand and plan for your next professional focus. 
Switching Careers during Covid
Full Programme

Our transformative programmes

Our longer, ‘transformative programme’ is available to career switchers and entrepreneurs

Using a combination of workshops, guided solo work and peer-coaching, these bespoke programmes implement our Explore – Understand – Plan career-management model to help participants explore their career journeys, clarify career priorities, build a community and have accountability for their career management strategy.

Our Two-hour Workshops and Coaching

To complement our transformative programmes we run a number of stand alone workshops and coaching focusing on some of the most common challenges people experience as they are navigating their career transition or progression.

These sessions are ideal add-ons to our longer programmes, or for providing you with specific stand-alone support around key challenges.
Networking with Industry

2-hour workshop…

Career Transition Coaching

 6-session package…

  • Dani’s workshops have added a real depth to our training offer, providing our doctoral researchers with clear and simple tools and the time to reflect and plan their next stage in their careers... I would highly recommend engaging with these workshops as part of any PhD researcher development programme. 

    Jennie Eldridge - Head of Doctoral Training, University Alliance
  • I literally enjoyed every aspect of this course. I have grown so much from this class, in so many ways. Dr. Danielle and her team were very friendly, accessible and responsive to all our questions... The bottom line is that I felt that this course not only enlightens you in academia, but also paves your way to further explore new horizons in the PhD-related job market. 

    Khaled Oraby - PhD graduate in Linguistics, Huddersfield University
  • On behalf of the University Alliance DTA-Reps, we would like to thank Dr Danielle for participating in our Career Fair on 09/09/2021 as a speaker... Her contribution is always valuable. Moreover, she is very enthusiastic and dedicated in her workshops and presentations.

    Kyriacos Polycarpou - PhD candidate in School of Engineering and Innovation
  • It was great! I really enjoyed it. The workbook and individual activities were useful because it allowed me to set time aside to think about what was being asked. The questions in there were stimulating. It was great to be able to interact in smaller groups with others as it allowed a space to attentively listen to your 'thinking partner'. Overall it was a great experience so... Thank You both ?

    Amelia Chissano - PHD Student at The University of Huddersfield
  • The WCIDWD programme was exactly what I needed to encourage me to deliberately start planning my career now. It was an opportunity to envision my future while designing achievable steps to moving forwards. Thanks for the open and clear way of facilitating the leaning environment. I enjoyed and learned a lot listening to the career journey of other participants. Thanks so much.

    Cristina Fuentes Antoniazzi - PHD Student at The University of Huddersfield
  • It was great! The structure of the course was appropriate and helped us reflect on our career journey, the different career plans we have explored and then what is the ideal job for us. The presentation was a great opportunity to present our thoughts and plans in front of people from different disciplines. Thank you very much!

    Elina Stylianou - PHD Student at The University of Huddersfield
  • Danielle kicked off our PhD career event with an inspiring keynote talk. You feel right away that she has a passion for coaching young scientists. She tailored the talk to our needs and motivated the young scientists to think about their next step in their careers. Thanks a lot for joining our event and your commitment!

    Dr Cordula Burtscher - Graduate School Officer at Leiden University
  • It was fantastic to be in this group of supportive, knowledgeable and strategic individuals which was expertly facilitated by Dr Danielle White and Rachel Valentine.  Just last week I secured a fantastic role... I can’t stress enough how important the ‘What I can do with a Doctorate’ coaching workshops are to developing a plan that will ease the post PhD transition.

    Andy Graham - DTA
  • I would like to thank the tutors for their inspiration and help in helping me to really think about my future. I think generally people just don’t take the time to think things through as life gets in the way. This course has relit my fire and passion to why I started this in the first place and has allowed me to visualise once again where I am going in this journey. 

    Natalie-Louise Gorton - University of Huddersfield
  • Hi Dani! I just want to say a big thanks to you and Rachel for the career workshops over the past few weeks. It was such an invaluable experience having the opportunity to share our thoughts, ideas, and advice with each other, in pairs and with the group as a whole. I really learnt a lot and enjoyed getting to know everyone. I’m honestly going to miss our weekly sessions! 

    Sophie Mohamad - Doctoral Training Alliance
  • Danielle is truly amazing in her approach to dealing with clients and gives very customized professional advice. The content and methods she taught me were eye-opening and easily applicable... I would 100% recommend her program especially for PhD students aiming to transition into non-academic jobs. Thanks Dani, for the support and knowledge you equipped me with. Looking forward to engaging in your future programs! 

    Manar Elgazzar - PhD year 3, Finance and Economics, The University of Manchester

Our participants tell us...

...that the programme surpassed their expectations, giving them clarity in their career planning and increasing their motivation, both for their writing and career. Our courses were described as intellectually rigorous and scrupulously researched, with thoughtful, responsive, facilitation.  

Programme alumni tell us about their progress achieving roles in areas they had not previously considered; starting and growing a business, consultancy or portfolio career; completing their doctorate; being promoted in a direction of choice and other fantastic achievements. 

Participants tell us that the opportunity to listen to the career journeys of others, to connect, learn from and work with people from so many walks of life, disciplines, and universities, has been invaluable, and that they have come away full of inspiration

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