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Periscope Programmes was born out of a desire to support graduates and academics to understand how their unique skillsets can open doors for them beyond academia. We offer a range of transformative programmes, workshops and keynotes for Universities, academics and graduates, as well as career switchers and entrepreneurs outside of the education sector.   

Our facilitators are personable and passionate about enabling effective career management. They call upon an array of knowledge and experience to create relaxed, friendly environments which enable participants to directly respond to these challenges, and inspire them to speak freely, building a sense of community and support.

Universities and Doctoral Training Partnerships
We support Universities and Doctoral Training Partnerships to provide engaging and solutions-focused training programmes, workshops and presentations that directly meet the needs of their academic staff and researchers.
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Academics and Graduates
We support academics and graduates independently of their institutions, as they grapple with employer expectations and understanding their personal value and the transferability of doctorate and academic credentials into their areas of interest.
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Career switchers and Entrepreneurs
Outside academia we work widely with ‘career switchers’ and entrepreneurs who would like to clarify their professional focus, helping people to create a strategy to transition into a new area of work or to set up and grow their business.
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Our Approach & Expertise

We pride ourselves on being a person-centred organisation where programs and services are coproduced with users enabling us to meet the needs and address the challenges of the people and organisations we work with.

Coaches and facilitators hold many years of experience in higher education, supporting people to think clearly and set goals to enable career progression. All are qualified through the Institute of Leadership and Management, Level 7 (Executive Coaching and Mentoring) and are affiliated with the International Coaching Federation. We are experienced in working with university departments and so booking, finance, links, attendance, and program management is effecient. We love what we do, care about our customers and are committed to ongoing professional development to continue to meet the needs of the people we work with.

Dr Danielle White
Director & Founder


Rebecca Rayner
Business Support


Suzy Rennison
Business Development


Rachel Valentine
Facilitator & Programme Lead


Rabia Arshad
 PhD Resource & Community Engagement


Our Career Management Model

This three-part model sits at the centre of our career management programmes. Our tools and frameworks have been adapted from social mobility theory to enable you to explore and understand your career in depth, as well as to practically apply your learnings to plan for your future. This process provides a space to discuss common challenges, employer expectations and the diversity of options available. This is a stimulating, step-by-step career management process which enables powerful results.


The data-gathering stage 

Our first step is to create an interruption. By using models, tools and collaborations with others we map your career options, expanding the breadth and depth of possibilities open to you and increase your awareness of these options. 


The analysis stage 

In this stage we help you to create a lens through which you can start to understand your needs and values, as well as those of the employers or clients within your desired career areas. 


This is the recommendation stage 

Using the clarity which the analysis stage has brought, you will be able to define your priorities, make more informed choices and use our models to devise a practical career management strategy. 

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